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Well it was cold, only got up to 46 here today, but Shep and I had a hunt planned so he showed up at my house, about 8:30 am, and off we went, we were detecting about 2 hours, when I stoped and asked Shep if he had found anything, he said: Yes, and showed me a nice quartz specimen. I had not found anything yet, just the usual bullets and square nails, so I headed off, to the south end of this patch, hunting tailing piles, I got a good signal at the base of a Mansinita bush, and dug, and dug, it was about 8 inches down. I was useing the Wallaby DD. I got a really nice hunk. Here it is 8.2 DWT. Grubstake

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Way to go to the three of you! Alright Grubstake, that's a real beaut! I guess that kind of, sort of, maybe makes ya feel a bit better about the MIA equipment. Man, that's sure is a nice nugget...

And Shep, I waited for ya as long as I could at the airport, but finally had to fly back home. :lol: I guess you had a good excuse, you were off digging another one for your poke. Another nice one!

And congrats to Iggy, you'll always remember that first one! Good going!

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Bob, I never load my stuff untill about an hour before who ever I'm going with is going to come to my house. This morning I took a thurmose of hot coffee+water. Tuesday Randy is coming back for a hunt. Iggy, thats ok about the picture, at least a little one is better than a skunk. Congrats. on your nugget. Grubstake

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Yeh that Platypus is my main coil, but I do like to use different ones from time to time, just to change my LUCK! It worked. GRubstake

Let me try this again

Congratulations Iggy, hope you get many more. As cold as it was today, you earned it.

See you out there next week


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