Congrats Iggy on your First Nugget!

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I started out with the NF 10" mono but after the first hour or so I decided to try the ML 11" mono. I don't have much time on either but it seemed the ML was more sentive and quieter. I may be wrong but I do plan on doing some climbinging when it gets warmer and use the NF 10" mono again. That's the smallest one I have and weight will be an issue. I will have to talk with you about which areas (claim #'s) I should go.

After I get my GPS with topo map of the area I will have no problem finding your secret spot. :D

I'm now going to be a mountainman...

Iggy no longer a virgin.......

By the way, scan that puppy and post it....

Uncle Ron

I tried to take a picture and this is the best I can do. It sure looks big when you zoom in. :lol:


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Hello Iggy,

Was on the claims today (MLK Day) with Leaverite and a new GPX-4000 customer. Found two more smaller ones from the same push.

Both the NF 10-inch and Minelab 11-inch coils are good. Just a matter of preference when you use them. Just remember, it's not so much the type of coil, but rather getting that coil over the nugget(s)! :blink:

Congrats once again for your find.

Rob Allison

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