My Coiltek 18"DD Pro Is Definitely DEAD

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Well, Dodacious, the official soldering wizard in our house, spent an hour and a half resoldering the shorted out connections on the 5-pin connector in my CT 18"DD Pro...Took it outside and hooked it up on my ol' faithful SD2100 and nada, zip, nuttin' ... :o:o:o Buncha weird noise then just the hum of my Coiltek sound booster...THIS REALLY SUCKS cause I LOVE that Coil :wub: ...

So, Doc, can I take you up on your awesome replacement offer????

Thank you very da' man!!!

Cheers, Unc

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Well, my new CT 18"DD Pro is on it's way to me at an extremely fair price, courtesy of Doc & Coiltek....This is really an incredible act of kindness and superb customer relations, since my coil was a couple of years old and out of warranty...Ya just gotta love the Doc/Rob/Coiltek team!!!! ...Thanks !

Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah

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Yep, Bob...I discovered long ago that when you go catfishin', they bite just as good at 2 PM as they do at 5 AM and sometimes better!!!!! That discovery has given me a lot of extra sleep over the years, and it's the same with nuggetshooting B):lol::D ... Cheers, Unc

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