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Hello arahi666,

I clueless about that one ... :huh: The US Price on the Minelab GP3500 was 3,499.95, the price on the new GPX-4000 is $3.998.95. The price on new PI gold detectors is normally $500 higher than the last model.

Hope this helps a bit,

Rob Allison

Hi again Rob

I paid $5895 for my gp3500 now the gpx4000 is actually for sale at the same shop for $5495, $400 Less, as far as I am concerned it is a bargain.

Weird aint it...arahi...

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The issue here is the US Dollar is falling in world markets. AU$1 buys you a lot more American goods today than it did when you got your 3500. I'll bet that is your issue. The flip side is, we Americans pay more for our imported goods, now! :unsure::blink: At least the gold we find will be worth more. :)

I guess the take-home message is, it's a good time Down Under to get that detector, drywasher, etc, that you have been coveting! :D


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Guest Bandana Don

Last time I looked at the exchange rate on Kitco the OZ dollar would have cost around 3/4ths of a US dollar. That being said, if a US person could get a GPX out of OZ at the US exchange rate it'd cost around $4,346.


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