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Quote and picture from Minelab HQ

Now you have to guess what year it was......

Subject: The GP Extreme is the "King of Performance"

The GP Extreme is the "King of Performance". It's the only machine I use... especially after unearthing a 9.1 ounce gold nugget at 28" deep in an area where conventional detectors have searched many times before.

Any comments Rob? :D


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  • Admin

Hello Iggy,

Man oh man, figured someone would ask about it. :P I was featured in Minelab's GP Extreme 2-page ad that was in all the major prospecting magazines. Found that nugget at 28-inches with the GP Extreme and Coiltek 14-inch Round Mono Searchcoil.

The gold nugget was just over 9 ounces solid (3/4 pound) and one of my biggest to date.

Where was it found? :rolleyes: Arizona! :P

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Hello Guys,

That is actually my biggest solid gold nugget, but have a bunch of quartz/gold specimens that weigh more. If I remember correctly that nugget was found in 2003. I was offered $4,500 the minute I unearthed it, but decided to hold it for a trophy. About a year later I took the nugget down to the Arizona Dept. of Mines and Mineral Resources and one Geologist stated he wouldn't sell it for less than $10,000. :o A Private collector offered me $7,200, but I decided to hold it.

If I find one bigger I might let the little one go. :P

Big Nuggets are still out there,

Rob Allison

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I'm getting my bags packed! I want to beat Rob to his next big find!

Hey Rob can I borrow your GPextreme and the 14 inch coil? I want one that big!

But I think I'll wait till you guys stop getting snow.

Shooting for a Early March trip over to the land of AZ!

Houston is boring!






I have mildew on me coils it is so wet!

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