Today's Coinshoot

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Decided to do the Quartzsite Club's coinshoot today. Wasn't lucky enough to get the coil over a token for a new metal detector, but made a few finds.

Ended up with the following:




11-Half Dollars

2-Susan B. dollars

4-Tokens: T-Shirt and gift certificate for a meal at Taco Mia's. Really makes me mad, didn't get another cap.

A gift certificate for a meal at another restaurant. At least I can eat. :lol:

A one ounce silver round.

And a set of silver earrings/w blackhills gold inlay. $93.75

But a good time was had by all.

Bob T.

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Nice job Bob,

I guess that was the hardest you've worked in a long time and you didn't have to drive 100 miles.

I have never tried one of those coin shoots.. I guess you must use your Wallaby alot. :D

What did most of the folks use?

Did it at least make up for you entry fee?


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Don't know how John B. would have done. The shoot has a limit on coil size. 11" and under, no bigfoot's. :o

I guess there were around 75 detectors on the line, maybe more.


There was just about every kind of detector in use at the hunt. Lots of White's

I was using an eight inch coil on mine.

Entry fee is $25.00 if your a member and $35.00 if your not.

Bob T.

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