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Alabama Gold Camp is located in the heart of the Alabama gold Belt. For pictures and information on the camp go to

Didn't know Alabama had gold.

I wonder if it's fool gold. :o

Nice site but can you add some pictures of the full hookup areas.

What kind of nuggets have been found inthe area with metal detectors?



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Yep Alabama has gold. Georgia has gold.

Even northern Louisiana has gold.

Why there is even gold around Washington D.C.

And of course we have gold in Texas. We just don't have any public land to prospect for it on. Except for the Llano River...We can prospect from bank to bank! . And gold has been found in the Town of Llano.

Why James Bowie and his men fought off indians late one night.

They were making rock barricades to hide from the arrows the indians were shooting at them. And in the morning they saw that the rocks had gold in them. Bowie later sunk a mine shaft . No one knows how much he took out. The mine in under the bridge that crosses the river in the heart of the town. And isnow under water. A dam to control flooding has it covered up. There is also an old spanish mine under water in Lake LBJ. An abandoned mine up on a hillside has spanish markings pointing to the mine that is under water in the Lake. Well at least that is the story in heard. And then there is also the Heath mine which was commercial until WWII shut down all the gold mining. It is flooded or so the owners say and is unsafe to go into! And there is a silver mine outside of Persideo. It produces gold. I asked one of my old geology profs that I ran into over in Big Bend country last summer why the Big Bend area with all of its tectonics didn't have gold deposits.....No sulfides and sulfates was his reply.

Members of the Llano GPPA chapter have claims with the state to prospect the Llano. But the deal the state made with them is that they can't prohibit anyone else from prospecting. Not to worry. Most of the gold is very fine. Every now and then some one gets nugget. People dredge and mostly come up with lots of lead sinkers.

The chapter tries to have outings at least once a month and have been able to get permission to go on private property.

The area is known as the LLano Uplift. The Spanish mined silver and gold from there.

There are stories of gold that have been worked up in the Fort Davis mountains and the Guadalupe Mountains. But no one seems to know the where abouts of the old diggins! And with it all being private property no one wants to get shot looking for it!

I think that there is just one or two states where gold hasn't been discovered.

And since we all know that gold is where you find it...we all go to where gold has been found before.

Alabama is probably all private owned land also which makes it tough. I think that the GPAA has claims in Alabama. I can't get to my claims book to confirm that!

I'm suffering from a pinched nerve or a pulled a muscle in my back. It is affecting my back, neck and left arm and the spasms are driving me into the shape of a pretzel! So I'm not moving around too much and if the muscle relaxants and codine pills don't kick in soon I'm gonna break the seal on an 18 year old bottle of single malt scotch I'm saving to share with my oldest son when he graduates from college next year and really deaden the spasms! lol Just glad it happened here at the house and not out in the field!

Oh well what doesn't kill us makes us stronger!

Ya'lll have fun this weekend and be safe!


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