24K Push

Guest Bunk

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Relax Bunk. I know your PU is gasses up and ready to drive over the hill.

The weather will be perfect even if the push never happens.

That leave those little babies in the ground to warm up a bit. :D

OK ROB!!!!!!!!!! We want to word on the push!!!!!!!!!!!

Call Elly now!!!!! :D

Only kidding. :P

Iggy is ready to gooooooo....

Bob are you driving up this weekend?

You won't freeze sleeping in your truck this weekend.


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Hi Everyone!

I asked Elly for the schedule of pushes for the rest of the year back on Jan 11th.

And she provided me with the following dates. They should be good, but will always be subject to weather and the dozers working.


Hello Karl,

It's good to hear from you. Here are the Push schedules for the remainder of this season:

January 27 - Pushes 3 and 4

February 9 - Pushes 5 and 2

February 24 - Pushes 1 and 3

March 10 - Pushes 4 and 5

March 24 - Pushes 1 and 2

April 7 - Pushes 3 and 4

April 21 - Pushes 5 and 1 (Last push of this season)

Pushes will resume again in October.



I hope she doesn't mind my posting the above schedule.

I now shooting for coming back out and be at the Hill for the Feb 24th push.

Hopefully everthing will be able to stay on track in regards to the listed pushes!

Everyone stay warm and be safe!



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Don't you worry Shep. There are over 5 acres up there that have been pushed and it has rained since they were hammered. That should have condensed the soil a bit, making those nuggets a little more accessible. There's plenty of nuggets left, on and off the pushes, and you may even be able to find a spot where your machine isn't talking to the guy next to you.

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Elly has sent out an email.


Sites number 2 and 3 have been excavated and will open Saturday, January 27, at 9am. Until those sites are closed.

See you out there Saturday,


Enjoy and please leave some in the ground for me! Just kidding :)

Hi Rob! :)


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