Prospecting in the Tucson area

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Hi and Good morning.

Since I drive through Tucson to get up north of Phoenix, I was curious as to how the prospecting was in that area.

Anyone have any experience and if so what areas area good for detecting?

Thought I might check it out on one ofmy next trips.



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There are areas Karl, you should buy one of the Placers and Placering in AZ books. It has areas by county. The only trouble is, best ones are near border and you have to be careful off road with illegals! I would say avoid it since you don't know area, get book, it will give you alot of options. Good Luck...Don

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Hi Karl, I used to do some drywashing with an oldtimer back in the early 70's down near the border south of Tucson. We were around Arivaca, Tumacacori, Sasabe, Tubac, and Santa Rita Mtns. I grew up in Tucson and had a great time in that desert! But I doubt if I would go back to it now unless I was with a large group. I am saddened that it is this way now. So be very careful if you go. By the way this is John out in Blackwell,Tx. and I have talked to you on the landline before Karl. I run John's Detectors. Ok CU later my friend and do be safe out there!

John Tomlinson,CET

John's Detectors


Best Little Detector Shop in Texas!

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Hi John and don,

I had a feeling that the better places to go were close to the border. That sure would be a potential problem.

Hey John ---how is the weather up you way? We have had two nice days but it is supposed to get bad again tonight! It has been so wet that my coils have grown webbing just to stay afloat!

Ya'll have a nice weekend.


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Hi Karl,

Greaterville is a good area it's about a 40 minute drive from I-10 and HWY 83 ( almost in between

Tucson and Benson) There are alot of claims down there. Big Gold can be found there. Never seen

any Illegals just alot of people riding quads.

Arivaca is good also, Illegals yes but alot of border patrol never had a problem but you never


There are also some areas around Willcox.


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  • Admin

Hello Karl,

Good talking with you this morning. Greaterville has always been a great nugget hunting spot, but getting tougher to find nuggets down there. Most spots have a bunch of trash unless you're on the benches or hillsides. Arivaca is also another good spot like Way2Cool mentioned. Some smaller Mountain Ranges in the area are also noted for gold nuggets.

Look me up when you get down here.

Rob Allison

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