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Hello All,

Jim W., head of claims security sent me these picture tonight to post. Picture 1 is Little Dave, Assistant Carekeeper of Stanton holding a nice nugget he just found. Didn't get the weight on the piece, but will know more tomorrow about it.

The second picture is a group working a gold dredge on the claims. There is water available, you just have to dam it up to run a dredge. The use of water makes it easy to dredge, highbank or just pan down your concentrates from drywashing.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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Hi Rob. If you see Dave, please tell him that the guy ( maroon suburban and tourquise jeep) who camped next to Tex Houston over Thanksgiving said hi and great nugget find.

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Hi Ruff&Tuff,

Our liner is made of 65 mil Dupont nylon reinforced rubber roofing membrane.

It is pretty expensive, but my partner Nick, got it from his girlfriends boss (he owns a roofing company)

It had been sitting outside too long to be used for any jobs, so it was given to us.

It is a little overkill, but we are planning on using it for many years. The rock that we are attacking with our

dredge is 12 ft X 10 ft X 4ft thick and we still haven't reached the bottom of it.


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