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<_< Yeah I like the area too, but it's been picked over by roughly the same amount of people as those hitting quartzite during the past 5 years.

When I first went out there, I had my directions messed up and hit the Ft Irwin Road side of the hill. It could have been a real bonanza had I been on the other side, but it took me a few years to figure out my mistake. When I got on the right side of the mountain, activity was like one of those PBS shows showing brazilian miners working Serra Pelao in the amazon basin.

People digging all over the place. I knew a chiropractor that dug all day, and slammed bones all afternoon of the miners out of shape, all afternoon and early evening. He was pulling 2-3 ozs of gold in the day, and another $1000 on the weekend for his services. had an RV that was the resting place and the office.

The good part is that the placer is nearly bottomless, and wide spread, from the ridge of the mountains to the east, and northward towards goldstone. lots of neat fossils and semi-precious gemstones too. Lane and Williams Well- that's the area. don't get turned around looking in the wrong places like I did. the gold there is high purity

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