It's official: Closed for Business

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According to ProstectingOz forum.

It was posted today that Finder's has closed up shop!

Ken Roberts made this announcement on Finder's forum.

He is looking for someone to take over the forum.

There is no information regarding how any existing orders for the SuperFix will be handled. Obviously there will not be any support for those units that are out in the field already, which I am the owner of one.

I am in contact with the designer of the SuperFix. If I can get any information from him I will pass it along.

I am sure that the designer is pretty bummed out by what has transpired!

Regardless the reasons, it is a sad day for a person to have to shut down his business, expecially when his business supported interests and passions that we all have a common bond.

I wish you good luck Ken Roberts and I hope that life takes a more positive turn for you!

To your staff, I wish all of you good luck and a bright future! While it might look dark now, there is always the promise of a bright tomorrow!


Karl Baltz

Spring, Texas

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Have you sent Ken an email requesting a status update on your SD with an potential return ship date?

Ken might not have even received the unit if you shipped it normal postal service. It some times takes 2 weeks to a month to make the trip one way with snail mail!

I hope this works out for you!



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Hi Karl and I agree, I don't like to hear about a business closing it's doors and especially one that is a service to the detecting crowd. As a small metal detector dealer myself I hope to go a long way in this business and meet many people and make some lifelong friends. I am not in it to get rich and just want to do something I am very passionate about. So I'm really sorry to hear of this news and I don't even know him but I wish you the best Mr.Roberts and God Bless.

John Tomlinson,CET

John's Detectors


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