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Hello All,

Chris Gholson's 4th Annual AZO Prospector's Outing will be Feb. 17th - 18th (Sat., Sun.). I highly recommend you show up to this event to learn more about electronic prospecting. There will be guest speakers, successful nugget shooters, Minelab Detectors and new AZO Products and tons of other stuff going on. Ultimately you will get to meet Chris Gholson himself. Chris is far more than just a successful International nugget hunter, but a major contributor to many prospecting magazines, author of many books and owns/operates Arizona Outback (AZO) & Nuggetfinder USA.

To learn more about this exciting event, visit this link -- ARIZONA OUTBACK'S OUTING

Don't miss out,

Rob Allison

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Hey Rob,

Thanks for posting up some info. about the outing - it should be a great time! I enjoyed catching up with you at the Mesa Show; see you in a few days...

P.S. I was hoping we could do a bonfire at Decision Corner on Saturday night like last year. The desert evenings are always good for sipping a few cold beers and telling stories. My rig will be loaded down with stuff for the outing otherwise I was going to bring a load of wood. Anyone here have access to scrap or pallets?

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Hello Chris,

Looks like I have a workshop that morning and might have to work a portion of the day. However, if everything works out as planned, I'm coming out Saturday evening and will stay the night. A few cold ones will go down nice after the long work week.

I'm sure we can round up some wood, if not, I'm sure someone will drag some out.

Looking foward to seeing everyone.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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