BUNK found one today on 24K

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Posting for Bunk.

The BIG nugget Bunk found today. Friday 2/9/07 on 24K

I wish I could say I found one but it was a great day at Rich Hill.

We had a great crowd out today for the 3 pushes.

I know Uncle Ron and wonderer found one each and heard of 3rd hand other did well.

Anyway here is a pic of Bunks. :D


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Yo All...According to Elly, the biggun for the day was about 2.5 DWT... She said she knew of about 20 that were found, mostly dinks...I found the little guy below in the first three minutes this morning...Spent the rest of the day talking prospecting and beeping with Leaverite and Crown King Steve and others...Elly said she had a great TV experience with Perrry Massey...Boy, there were lots of folks out there today...The weather was awesome, even some folks complaining about too hot....(Not Me)...All in all a great day...Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah

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