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Shep left this morning, he will go see his mom in Mesa, and be out at RH on about Tuesday, you all treat him gentil, He's spoiled on this big gold we have up here so don't make fun of his little ones when he finds them. Ha! Ha! :P:P:P:P:P:P:lol::lol::lol: Ask him for a look at some mARIPOSA gOLD, HE WILL HAVE THE TWO BIGGER NUGGETS WITH HIM. GRUBSTAKE

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I have other things to do, heath wise, if it stops raing, I may get in a day, my uncle is coming over tomarrow, but it looks bad, as far as rain. The lady that owns the property, where my patch is, the one I took you to. Had a stroke last night, shes in the hospital in very bad condition. We are all praying for her. She's like my grand mother. We are very close. Grubstake

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Hello Grubstake,

Shep called me and wanted to order some stuff. I still need to call him back. He wanted a pick, a couple of Kangaroo pouches and a scoop. It's too late to call him now, so if you talk with him before I do, let him know I received his message.

Talk with you later,

Rob Allison

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Thaks ROB, he told me he was pretty sure he would be at the hill on Tuesday, just look for his White Chev. Deisel and his toyhauler. He will be the one with the logest beard out there, and the biggest feet. He's supposed to call me, not sure when. Gary

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