ATTEN: Coiltek 14-inch Mono's on the way!!!

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Hello All,

Just got a confirmation that the Coiltek "Skippy" 14-inch Round Mono Searchcoils will be here within a week. I have like 6 pre-sold already, so if you're waiting for one please contact me ASAP. Many have been waiting for these searchcoils to arrive.

There's no doubt its one of the best all-around prospecting searchcoils available.

For all the people that had to wait for one I'm tossing in a FREE Kangaroo Nugget Pouch! ;)

If you would like one of these coils, please contact me at this email address - , or Private Message me through this forum or call - 623-362-1459. If you don't get someone on the phone, please leave a detailed message and I will get back with you the same evening.


Rob Allison

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Guest Mike C...

Hi Rob do you have any pics of this skippy coil-whats the differance between the new 14 and the old one-maybe open design-lighter-built better- what ????- Mike C...PS--not that I need one-just curious-I already have a NF 14 R mono

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Hello Guys,

It's still the original Orange, Solid 14-inch Round Mono. There hasn't been any changes in the design. There has been more 14-inch Round Coiltek Searchcoils sold than any other Minelab aftermarket searchcoil, so there is no reason to change this design.

This coil has been on backorder for a good month due to the demand.

The 14-inch Coiltek Round is $299.00.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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