Saterdays outing:

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Was able to get out Saterday with a couple of friends. We all got some gold which is nice. Here is a picture of mine, 0.4 dwt. on the left and 0.7 dwt. on the right. I also got a picture of a really neat old claim marker. The picture does not do it justise, this thing is carved out of solid granite like a head stone.



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Hello IronMike,

Great finds! :D Forum seems a bit slow, most are not finding gold or holding out on us. :ph34r: I haven't been out hunting much. What detector were you using?

I do have a Octave Token that I need to post. The book Titled "Arizona Token and Scrip" said it was valued at $400. However, that book was written in 1990, so I'm sure many more have been found and the value has dropped.

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison

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