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As some will be aware, finders has quit trading and the forum id under new ownership.

For some reason, the new owner has taken the site down without a reason. I would have left an explanation page up if i had built it, but . . . who knows.

Here's an alt. site to bookmark. It's just in case the finders group go 'poof' and vanish into the wet.

lets hope they get sorted.


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Hello Lemons,

Thanks for the update on the Finders forum. Figured the forum would probably crash since Finders was going out of business. What ever happened to the "Titan" project that was promised by Ken Roberts? :huh:

Finders has a good forum, too bad it went down.

Rob Allison

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Hi Rob, I've been hitting the finders shop for small bits N pieces over a very long time. Never bought a detector off them or got tooo deep with their staff. I always knew what I wanted and just bought it because it was a good detector shop and it saved me hours of driving to get things from the city location I used.

That's the third shop I can recall.

I can't blame them for their efforts to try and create an 'edge' in the detecting field. I hope those that bought into the SuperFix get the support and service promised. From what I've seen, the designer is offering support and upgrades which may continue into the next model. . . time will tell, but the offer has been made and you would expect that after spending so much money I reckon.

I wish them good luck and hope the memory isn't soured by the failures. . . we all have those, don't we.



PS: the alt. site is up.

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