the birth of nugget # 100

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Last weekend my friend Harley and I went out for a hunt with Grubstake. We didn't find gold but we helped him get rid of some nails and other trash so he should be closer to that ouncer. Aside of wanting a piece of that amazing gold he has coming out of the I was working on something else a personal goal of finding my 100th nugget while detecting. Most of my gold from the past has come from dredging and such. At that time I was on nugget # 97. Well got out today and found 3 little pieces. Now I'm celebrating the birth of my 100th detecting nugget I know alot of you might have found this many nuggets it has takin me 4 years to get here (winter time only) but dam it feels good. Now if I can get to 100 ounces!

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Nice going, I'm sorry you guys didn't get over one here, but it was good to have you down. Funny I guess, I can go two or three weekend in a row over there, hunt the same area and not get anything but trash, go for a quick hour, and Bang a nice nugget. I guess luck and fate has alot to do with it. Take care Grubstake

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Hello Dredger,

Congrats on your 100th nugget! :D:P Finding a 100 nuggets might sound easy, but it's not. It's hard enough to find that first one. Over the years I've found a couple of places that have produced over a 100 nuggets, but most patches are small.

Before you know it you will have 200, then 300 then 500 gold nuggets in your collection.

The nuggets you found have good character to them.

Keep up the great work,

Rob Allison

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