Where's Grubstake??

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I haven't seen Grubstake out there on the posts for a while.

And that concerns me a lot.

After all he is one of my troops,

And a proud new Buck Sergeant Major!

If you are not doing well, Grubstake,

Do what the doc Says,

And rest a lot and take all yer pills!

And stay away from the dance hall gals. ;)


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Gary, I have been doing that, still not feeling up to par, Wife has been sick, and a host of other family problems. Wifes sister is dieing, Looks like we may have to all chip in for her funeral, no insurance, and she only has days left. Plus much more going on also. Later Grubstake

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Hey Grubstake,

Sorry to hear about all the issues.

I hope things will smooth out for you soon.

Had to have the paramedics for wife this week,

She was about gone, unresponsive.

Body temp was 93

Diabetes is a bad one for sure.


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Yeh Gary, my wifes is acting up too. her sugar has been in the 500's, 4 insulin shots a day, now a lung infection, on top of that and her asthma. legs swelling, and worries over me and her sister, not to mention, we have to take care of her 82 year old mother, that has heart and diabetes problems, and is in a wheelchair. Isn't life a picknic? Grubstake

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