Dave Emery and Patents

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It has been said on my forum that Dave has little credibility compared to people like Bruce Candy because he does not have any patents.

Well to scotch this rumor here are two of his patents

Patent for a code generator: US Patent Number 6237075.



Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Radio (as used by the military

for low probability of intercept radio transmissions).

US Patent Number 6,738,414


He has other Patents as well but because they are involving the defense and military they are classified.

The co author of these patents Pierre is considered to be one of the most brilliant mathematicians in the USA and I have been told has done work for NASA amongst others.

Dave will apply for a Patent for the critical circuits and signal processing methods for the Pulse Devil. Also remember that the Pulse Devil is the result of more than 6 1/2 years of work.Dave is also acknowledged as a very fine analogue electronic engineer and his principles and Pi methods have been validated by other experts in the field and also by a large amount of bench testing. While this does not guarantee success in the field it should give some confidence to us all that the Pulse Devil is based on sound principles and will deliver in the field what it has done on the test bench.


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Doug. I ,myself have no doubts about Daves engineering abilities. My only question has been whether he has consulted with proffesional prospectors through his process. He may have done so but I haven't seen any reference to it. ----Bob

The answer is yes,both professional gold prospectors and coin/treasure and relic hunters.


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