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post-55-1174534039_thumb.jpgRained yesterday, no calls for heating or Air Conditioning, so today "called in sick", (although had to go on an emergency when I got home). Found a couple- 1.1 dwt'r, a .5 dwt'r and a specimen. It's total weight was around 19 dwt. Not much gold showing tho. Gold is showing on each side w/ continuity between. Will do a weight test and see where I go from there with it.


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David, it sounded like that "soft easy sound",not as loud as trash, but louder than the other two. Depth was, guesstamating between 4- 6". We have a surface ground cover about 1'+, if the target's not in that, then I dig. So far that pick I got from Bill S. will move some material quick. It was in the first pull. Used an automatic specific gravity test found on the internet. Adjusted one factor from 3.0 to 3.1 and came up with 31 grams total and 8.7 grams gold. Not much, but interesting piece! Shep

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