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Just waiting for you to get back. How are things going? You and your wife feeling any better? I have not been able to get out latly, working around the house and down at my son's place. This weekend is out also but look out for the next one, I will be one April Fool that weekend.


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Hi! Mike, I have been busy also, fund raising for my sister in law that is dieing of cancer, she only has a very short time left now, tomarrow a two day yard sale, to raise money for her funeral expences. I have a bunch of stuff, the whole town has just about given something to sell, will not be at my house, a friends. Because I don't have enough parking room here. We as a family have raised quite a bit, but still short, maybe as much as $2000.00 so we hope for a good two day sale. Shep has donated some stuff, I got up a bunch and so did my wife, the church has given serveral things. I got a pick load and two big trailer loads of stuff. So its all going to her expences. I hope we sell it all out, what ever does not sell will got to the SPCA and a thrift store on Monday. I have to get it all out of the yard we are useing Sunday. So as you see I have been at it. Grubstake

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Grubstake sorry to hear about your sister-in-law.

Grubstake check out also do a search for "cures for cancer" was told that doc can cure cancer in 60 to 90 days

I know the "C" drip really works as I have had them.

do not eat anything that had a face on it

don't eat anything that is hydrogenated (sp) like margerine

only use olive oil for cooking as canola oil heated is the same as the rest

eat lots of fresh veggies in the cabbage family and fresh fruit

Dr clark says that all cancers are caused by parisites and you get rid of the parisites the cancer is gone

can get the herbs for parisites from a herb or health store

God Bless and will pray for y'all


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Thanks Bill, but she has gone through radiation, kemo, and it started as lung cancer, they gave her 5 years, when this all started, it has been 7. the cancer is now in her bones, liver, lungs, spine, and throat and brain. Stage 6. Only a week or two to go at the most, she only weighs 62 pounds now, can eat or drink, is on very, very high does of morifine everyday. She can't get out of bed, and is just waiting to go. No life support, only oxygen. Her dad died 12 years ago, her brother a year before that, two years ago her older brother died of a blood clot to the heart, last year her other sister, died of lung and heart failure, so there just my wife and and older brother left, and her 82 year old mother. She is also my ex-wife, I was married to her in 1975 and we were married for 5 years, I have a daughter by her that just turned 30, 14 years ago I married her older sister, and we are still married. So its kind of hard for me to see her go, as we were always friends. Her husband is a good guy and taking it hard, but we are good friends also. She had no insurance, and he was a mechanic in yosemite park, but had to quite work to take care of her full time. Life is rough sometimes. GRubstake

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