Sunday's Hunt on the Hill

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Hello All,

Sunday Leaverite and I met up with Reg Sniff and his Father for Breakfast. We all then headed out to the 24K Gold Hunters Claims located in the famous Devil's Nest. The Devil's Nest was one of the richest placers located on Rich Hill.

The 24K Gold Hunters club had several sites pushed and also had a nice Potluck around Noon.

I personally seen about 10 nuggets found that morning, most were around 1/2 to 1 Dwt in weight. Most, if not all were found with the Minelab PI's.

Keep in mind, I had to remind a club member that you can only use 11-inch and smaller searchcoils the first day of the pushes. This helps elliminate some of the PI interference and also gives the VLF users a good chance of finding nuggets within the same depth range.

I was using the Minelab GPX-4000 Metal Detector and the Coiltek 10x5 Joey Mono Searchcoil. I must have found 50-60 small dozer fragments and finally was able to get over a Dwt sized nugget.

I know Bunk, Wonderer, CrownKing Steve, Rusty and a few others found at least one gold nugget.

Picture 1 - Four nuggets Leaverite found Saturday and the nugget I found on the claims (right).

Picture 2 - One of the push sites on the 24K Gold Hunters Claims.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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