Hello from a newbie.

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I have been a lurker on and off for quite a long time. I know very little about prospecting and detecting so I will still be mostly reading. On very rare occasion I have had something I could have added to a topic so I finally decided what the heck I'll sign up and share whatever I can add that might be interesting or informative. I also signed up on the other 3 forums I have seen most of you use while I was lurking there. So y'all will be seeing this introduction again on those other forums. I am not able to get out and do what y'all do, but I sure do get a kick out of reading about your prospecting trips and info y'all post, thanks.

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kamikaze: Aloha and mahalo. So how's it over where me and Herself want to be? B) Which Island is home? Since circumstances dictate we have to be mainlanders I wish I could be out there getting some AU, but my health shuts that down. Not complaining just the way it is because I chose the life I lived and now I'm paying for all the fun I had. So I be a cyber prospector on these forums. Have a good one :D

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