Today's GRAND-DADDY Nugget

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Thought I would go out for a little late evening detecting today.

Left the house around five o'clock this evening and went out to the Dome Rock area. Its been hit hard but I thought that there may still be a nugget or two somewhere out there. Man was I right, what a golden clunker.

I had hunted for a couple of hours and had found the usual nails, rusted tin, tin foil and bottle caps. Was about ready to call it a day as I was headed for the truck. I was about fifty feet from the paved road when,

Wham, Bam, Bingo, WoooWeeee, WoooWeeee or WeeeeWooooo, WeeeWooooo, just don't remember, but it was talking loud to me.

I knew that one had to be a nugget and a big one. With the detector on the ground, out came the pick. Took off three inches of very hard material.

Checked the hole again, still there and very loud, out came another three inches of dirt time for another check, still there and even louder, if thats possible.

More digging, maybe another four inches.

Even in the fading light I could see the glint of gold, an area about the size of a fifty cent piece.

No more picking, I was now scratching and brushing the dirt away with my hands so as not to damage the nugget.

I now had about six or seven square inches of gold showing. Out came the trowel, had to get this thing out as its getting dark. Bingo, its out, what a monster. Gathered up my gear and stumbled to the truck.

Short of breath, heart thumping, mouth dry, I headed home. Got there in about ten minutes or so.

Got the soap and water and brush out and gave ol biggun a good scrubbing.

Its now time for weighing, and as I have a large triple beam scale it was no problem.

I had to do a double take when I weighed it. Yep, I weighed it three times and it weighed in at seven pounds three and one half oz's troy. You read right, thats [7lbs. 3 1/2oz troy].

Its wonderful to have a grand-daddy.

And isn't it wonderful to have so many true believers who are April Fools????? :rolleyes::rolleyes::lol::lol::lol:B););)

Bob T.

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Colorado Bob,

GOOD ONE -------- Quartzite must be getting quieter as the snowbirds have gone & you have all that desert to yourself -- After swinging on the beach at Lagoona (spring break)(just before the last push & pot luck) came through Quartzite that friday so I could be at the push sat. & they moved it to sun. because of rains & mud. I did get one dink .4 grams on #2 that day. and somebody dug it up and gift wrapped it in a mudball for me to find.

You coming up for the last push next weekend? ------------ wonderer

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Bob, You had me hook, line, and sinker!!

I was really rooting for you though. The story did make me get off my butt and go prospecting.

Ever if I did get skunked, it was a great day down by Cleator.

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Hammer, I would ask you about that 14lb. nugget, but think I will wait awhile before I bite. Just a bit gun shy at the moment.

Hurricane's, roofs blown off, snow, X-wife on April fools day, heart stopping nuggets. :o:rolleyes:

At least I got Bunk off his butt and swinging again.

Wonderer, it is slowing down a bit. Now I don't have to elbow my way to a patch.

Largo, I really was awake [kind of.] Just typing out a fantasy. I will tell you what really happened.

A few years ago I was abducted by aliens and ever since then I have had on control over anything that I may say or do. :(:lol:;)

Bob T.

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