Dakota Slim Scores A 1/3 Ouncer

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I heard that about 15 nuggets were found today including a 1/2 ouncer by Jim P. I went back late this afternoon and scored my first double, adding a 2.5 grammer to the 10.3 grammer. Here's a photo of both of them and a photo with my 2 and Uncle Ron's famous "Last LSD Nugget"...



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Colorado Bob,

Bob its just 8.6 grams cleaned up, just over 1/4 Ouncer. The smaller nugget .8 grams.

Dakota Slim,

Congratulations Dakota Slim on your finds :) , your right the big one looks like it broke off another piece. I know you will find it :o:D . You get that new pair of non metalic boots yet? --- wonderer

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Thank you gentlemen.

Wonderer, yes I did get the "Detector" non metalic boots and I was wearing them today. It's a good thing Prescott has 2 Walmarts because the 1st one I went to (on Gail Gardener) didn't carry them. The one out there on 69 does carry them. They also have a bunch of other stuff the other store doesn't carry.

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hey dakota slim thats one nice find i still like the owl nug better keep it up! hey have you been doing any drywashin up there? if so got any pics of some of your clean ups i alwasy wanted to do some dry washing at the pushes should be good? TooL

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Hi Tool. I started drywashing up there early last month but wasn't happy with what I got. That highly mineralized soil is tough to deal with and even tougher to pan out. Then it rained and that soil really retains moisture so I moved down where theres good drainage. Others have tried it up there too I guess and didn't get much.

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Good to meet you Dakota, and congrats on both nuggets. You are on a roll. I did manage one before I had to head home. Not too far from where your's came from I think. I was looking for the other piece of yours. This one came in at just ove 1/2 OZ cleaned up.


Ever get the feeling someone is watching you? :lol: Later...Jim P.


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Congrats on the 1/2 ounce nugget!

Those stripe lines on the surface of your nugget are called "slickensides"

Slickensides are parallel striations on rock surfaces produced by relative motion across opposite sides of fault planes. It means your nugget was in a fault when an earthquake happened, and the fault moved, scraping the side of the nugget.

The photo I am posting here shows a whole fault's worth of slickensides exposed to the daylight.



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