Where to hunt in central calif

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New to this board but have been reading for a long time,well I guess its time

for jump in because I need some help.I have goldmaster III that I have think I

am able to ground balance but I need to go up in gold country and practice

could someone tell me what kind of places am I looking for I know tailing piles are

good but dont know where any are.I live in central valley calif between stockton and

modesto so I have access all around me.I dont expect anyone to give up their favorite

hunting grounds ( although I would like to follow grubstake or reno mike around for a day)

Anyway any helpwould much appreciated..TIA...CREEKHUNTER

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Well, Camanche Res. is an old hydrolic pit. It might be prudent to scout around the lake and maybe find some ground to hunt. There is lots of private ground all through out that area clean up to Angels Camp but if you can find a spot in that area you might do well.


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Creekhunter,your main obstacle will be access to property.If your a good rapper and have a smile and are willing to ask permission check out the backroads of the motherlode where any ground is turned over in small tailing piles.Jenny lind and the Valley springs area have lot's of old dredging grounds,but they produced mostly small gold.The doodlebugs made their money on volumne,but perhaps a small gold shot cobble may be found that was discarded with the oversize........Dave

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