Iowa gold

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hi all thought maybe you like to see the big stuff i find here in iowa, this is a couple days worth of work from our sluice box on the des moines river actually it was one of the best runs weve had here so far. gosh hope this dont start a gold rush! :lol: TooL lol:: We use our minelab detecters to find the hot spots, areas where the lead sinkers and shot are concentrated and work those areas . you should see the looks we get like wtf are those guys doing ? :D

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1.6 grams total,yes as far as i know its all glacial gold,but a few yrs ago i found a 45lb. copper nug here so why couldnt there be pockets of some big stuff around? but the odds of findin it would be like twice that of gettin hit by lightnig in a snow storm? speakin of snow we got over an inch of that crap this morning so far. man i miss az TooL

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Actually Tool,there is more in common with finding large AU nuggets associated with large CU nugget DEPOSITS than people think!I've seen a few deposits in Nevada where Cu nuggs were found on top of the surface...IN districts labeled ONLY as a Cu districts in the books...but.......large Au nuggs were found in association with them!There was a 2 3/4 oz AU nugg found in such "Cupperous labeled/defined" areas.Of course your hunting area would have to have somewhat similar geological conditions....the areas I mention have Epithermal Deposits with Tertiary Rivers nearby.The Au is lumpy/smoothe in appearance and very little actual quartz AU(with a rough and/or crystaline texture) is found in the area as well.Others that have seen these GEO-COMBO'S should KEEP checkin!GO GET'EM!!!!!!!!!!!!! B)



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