Got lucky again

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Yes, there is a spring hunt and a fall hunt.

The quarters are always hid within the city limits.

They are always on public property.

They are never buried or covered with anything, always in plain sight. Sounds easy, but it's not.

If you should find the quarters then you are restricted from hunting in the next or following hunt.

This guy has done this for 14 or 15 years.

Sometimes he will make a notation with the clues, that if you will pick up two, or sometimes three 30 gal. bags of road trash, he will kick in an extra $100.00.

That's how I received the $1100.00, as the main booty is always one thousand dollars.

When he hides the quarters there are $250.00 worth, in bulk, & rolled up in a bag. When you turn them in he will write you a check for the remaining amount.

I found this one hid in the forks of a bushy Palo Verde tree, about two feet off the ground.

The only advice that I can give, for finding them, is that I use the same method that I use for nuggetshooting. I call it the PPF system, Patience-Persistence-Focus.

It seems to have served me well, as I have found them four times.

Bob T.

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