A questions about the Majuba Placers

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Well i was doing some research on the Mauba Placers, and had a questions.....

I know that most of the activity is centered around the western half of T32 R32. Im curious if it also extends futther south unto T31 R32 perhaps down to poker brown road?

any input would be apreciated, as i happen to know someone who has land in that area.

here is a picture (forn chris's page) showing the general area and poker brown road to the south... its about 4 miles south of section 31.


Thanks a million


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Hi Zippoz,

You might also post that question over on

Nevada Goldhunters:


Interesting question.


Thanks! I will go ask them. (as soon as they approve me )

Another question I have for everyone is, considreing that people are finding nuggets quite often in this area is it likely that there is alot of small flakey gold that can not be detected in the area as well?

How small of a nugget is too small to be detected?

if so, would this generally be true for other areas where placer nuggets are found?

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