How do you attach a "pocket rocket"...

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Well heres how mine is hooked on the side of my box cover: I went to ACE hardwheare and bought some thing that look like rivets, except they have threads on one part and the nut part also looks like a rivet, and with a soldering iron, I burned 4 holes, one in each corner, through the battery pouch and the box cover. I put the screw type rivetsd in, tightened them down, and its been in place ever since, no movement, no nylon ties, and I use a home made short power cord. I hve never had any problems with it mounted like this. Grubstake

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Hello Bill & Diana,

The Coiltek Pocket Rocket Li-Ion Battery system is easy to attach to the side of any Minelab SD/GP or GPX metal detector. It's best if you have some type of control box cover to attach the "Pocket Rocket" to, such as the Coiltek Neoprene control box cover shown in the pictures below.

The Pocket Rocket comes stock with (2) 7800mah li-ion batteries, adjustable regulator, 12v car/110v wall charger and pouch. The Coiltek short power cord is only included in the GPX-4000 Pocket Rocket System, but this short power cord can be purchase separately for $16.00.

The Pocket Rocket pouch has a heavy duty clip on one side, which makes is very easy to mount to a metal detector or carry on your belt for hip mounting. However, the Pocket Rocket don't have to be control box or hip mounted, some still prefer to carry them in their backpacks with the use of full sized Coiltek Power cord.

This system is revolutionary for today's metal detectorist. Everyone is looking to go lighter and more compact, and this system describes both of them. The total system weighs less than 1 pound (approx. 14.5 ounces)! The 7800mah li-ion batteries last around 7-8 hours per battery. Since you get two with the system, that is 14-16 hours of detecting time with this system. Spare batteries and chargers can be purchase individually for $40. I personally like to have (3) batteries at all times, two with me while the other one is on the charger.

The price on the complete Coiltek Li-Ion Pocket Rocket System is - $275.00. I always have them in stock and they are one hot selling item.

Below are a few pictures of how I mounted my system to the side of my Minelab GPX-4000 metal detector.

Hope this helps a bit,

Rob Allison

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Hello Shep,

Did you purchase the unit from me or Doc? I'm getting 6-7 hours out of my 7800mah li-ion batteries on the GPX-4000 while using the Coiltek 14-inch round. Keep in mind the GPX-4000 uses more power and if you're using a DD Pro that will also take more juice. I can hunt pretty much all day with the Coiltek Joey Mono.

You should be getting more than 4 hours per battery if you're using a moderate sized Mono or DD searchcoil. The DD Pro's use approx. 20% more power, so they will drain a battery quicker.

Talk with you soon,

Rob Allison

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