So whats a minelab PI?

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Hello Zippoz,

Minelab makes many models of the PI, or "Pulse Induction" metal detectors. The PI detectors include the SD2000, SD2100, SD2100v2, SD2200d, SD2200v2, GP Extreme, GP3000, GP3500 and the newest GPX-4000.

The SD series run on MPS, or "Multi-Period Sensing." The technology transmits a stream of alternating short and long pulses of magnetic field into the ground, causing objects to produce a changed magnetic field of their own. This means you can locate metal targets at far greater depth than conventional (VLF) detectors, while very small targets can still be found in difficult or mineralized ground. MPS tech also aids in the accuracy of ground balance which limits the number of "ghost" or false targets.

The GP and GPX series run on DVT, or "Dual Voltage Technology." DVT refers to changes in the voltage used to create the electromagnetic field transmitted from the coil into the ground. By using two different voltages the possibility of magnetic saturation of the ground is lessened. Thus, detectors using DVT have an increased ability to balance out ground mineralization providing increased depth and greater sensitivity compared with other detectors.

The GP & GPX series will find smaller gold, and smaller gold at depth over the SD series. Minelab claimed the first GP series, the GP Extreme was getting 55% greater depth on smaller nuggets and 18% more depth on larger nuggets over the SD series.

Hope this helps a bit,

Rob Allison

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