Gold Indicators at LSD -- Lucky Rocks

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Yo All...

Gold nuggets occur in a wide variety of places at the LSD goldfields. There's a couple of good indicators that will let you know you're at least in the vicinity of gold (or where it once was before somebody beeped it all up... B) ... )Below are four samples of a type of mineral, either dolomite or barite, I'm not sure which, that I consider my LSD "Lucky Rocks"...Whenever I see them together with one other common rock, I know I'm on to the right area...The picture doesn't show how transparent, very much like clear glass, these rocks are...Sometimes they get scratched up and rolled in the washes and look more like quartz....One key is their fractures...They are rhomboid .... That makes me think they are barite ...Barite forms in hydrothermal replacements together with pyrite, galena, quartz, dolomite, gypsum and, sometimes, gold... Keep your eyes open ...

I always pocket most good samples I find, and when I find a nugget, I replace it with one of these "LSD Lucky Rocks" ... By the way, they look cool in black light...

There..I've done my good deed for the day...

Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah

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Hi Cuz,

I have been gettin' behind wif all my compliments for your recent cool GOLD and now rock finds, so I saw this one, and decided I should get 'er done all in one fell swoop.

I guess I don't realize just how BIG the LSD must be...guess I will have to peruse the same on the trusty

Google spy looker.

I particularly found interest in this latest post, talking about the "lucky rocks" you find. Really interesting, and especially the part about the rocks showing up wif the black light.

It might be fun to walk in the dark with a black light there and see just how much of that stuff is really about...along with the other creatures that Haunt the place.

Those black lights are really cool, and it is amazing what you can light up with one...scorpions, salted peanuts, etc.

Hope everything is cool wif you and yours!

yer cuz in the northlands..


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Barite is a whitish rock, really heavy. and a good xray contrast, as in upper and lower GI.

South of Henderson are a few mines where barite was the product, and in between them, one of the richest gold mines in Southern Nevada history- the Quo Vadis. ore ran from $60,000 to $150,000 per ton at $20 gold prices.

So what Ron says, may carry weight (ha ha hah ho ho) get the pun?

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