junk can be treasure

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when you get tired of detecting, or need some real exercise, build sifter out of a card table and go through an old dump, or place where the town or camp burned down. find coins, relics, tokens, dog and huniting licenses, old glassware, bottles, silverware, you name it.

It's a filthy job, but relics are neat too. some are really valuable. my best find? a roll of silver dollars in a metal cylinder. turned out to be 5 $1 coins at each end, and 10 $20 gold coins in the middle. Of the gold coins, the one in the worst shape apprasied at over $2300, and the others comparatively more. 2 of the silver dollars have the Carson City mint stamp.

So nugget shooting isn't the only game in town (or, out of town, depending on how you see it).

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