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Topic: AB 1032 History

This the history on the dredging bill, and needs to be addressed by all of the dredgers and their clubs to show opposition. the Analysis is the real kicker here, it tells what the bill means and who supports it. I don't know why PLP is not listed in opposition but will be looking in to it. We need clubs to call or write in opposition!


You need to type in the bill# AB 1032 in the box that askes for the bill#

Put the word out if you can,Matt

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Her is the address

Write letters to the California State Assembly Committee on Appropriations.

Assembly persons name

Calif. State Assembly

Appropriation Committee

P.O. Box 942849

Sacramento Ca. 94249-0000

Mark Leno - Chair Dem-13 (916) 319-2013 Assemblymember.leno@assembly.ca.gov

Mimi Walters - Vice Chair Rep-73 916) 319-2073 Assemblymember.walters@assembly.ca.gov

Anna M. Caballero Dem-28 (916) 319-2028 Assemblymember.Caballero@assembly.ca.gov

Mike Davis Dem-48 (916) 319-2048 Assemblymember.Davis@assembly.ca.gov

Mark DeSaulnier Dem-11 (916) 319-2011 Assemblymember.DeSaulnier@assembly.ca.gov

Bill Emmerson Rep-63 (916) 319-2063 Assemblymember.emmerson@assembly.ca.gov

Jared Huffman Dem-6 (916) 319-2006 Assemblymember.Huffman@assembly.ca.gov

Betty Karnette Dem-54 (916) 319-2054 Assemblymember.Karnette@assembly.ca.gov

Paul Krekorian Dem-43 (916) 319-2043 Assemblymember.Krekorian@assembly.ca.gov

Doug La Malfa Rep-2 (916) 319-2002 Assemblymember.lamalfa@assembly.ca.gov

Ted W. Lieu Dem-53 (916) 319-2053 Assemblymember.Lieu@assembly.ca.gov

Fiona Ma Dem-12 (916) 319-2012 Assemblymember.Ma@assembly.ca.gov

Alan Nakanishi Rep-10 (916) 319-2010 Assemblymember.nakanishi@assembly.ca.gov

Pedro Nava Dem-35 (916) 319-2035 Assemblymember.nava@assembly.ca.gov

Sharon Runner Rep-36 (916) 319-2036 Assemblywoman.Runner@assembly.ca.gov

Jose Solorio Dem-69 (916) 319-2069 Assemblymember.solorio@assembly.ca.gov

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Miner Matt, Pyrite Boy, and Riverman... I for one, thank you for taking the inititive to

alert everyone who posts/reads this forum.

Not only dredging, but all kinds of small scale mining is facing severe restrictions and

if we do not stand together as one we will all lose.

It only takes a minute to write a short letter in opposition, citing a reason(s).

Miner Matt... a question... could you give a short sample letter that we could work from?

Naturally it is obvious that we would need to change the wording. Also, maybe this thread

needs to be revised and pinned so it will be more widely read?

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Writing or calling the gestapol isn't a bad idea and should be done, but most of us "don't git it done". Al least join and support PLP. Wish every group that enjoys the forrests, deserts and mountains (bikers, miners, campers, hunters and fisherman) could get together and create a lobby to fight this crap, but so far they haven't. I've done a bit of research and I beleive in what PLP is doing.

I love my Country, just don't trust the goverment!

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Alot has happend after I first posted his on the forum and most were not interested so I didn't keep up with it.

I have keep up withit on other forums like most on this forum I'm not a placer miner but, I believe as Shep does we need to come together.

I have hours and hours invvolved in this fight.

For all the up dates go to this web site and click on AB1032. www.shacksgold.com

Shack has good letters to start with do not copy them all letters that show up that are the same will only be counted as one.

Thanks for your help,Matt

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Miner Matt... Do not become discouraged. I wrote and mailed a letter to the address

in Sacramento addressed to one of the names on the list.

(Gosh: Times have changed. I last dredged back in the early 1970's when dredge

permits were free... just sent in and got a permit when the paricular area season

was open for dredging).

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