Think I learned a valuable lesson yesterday

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Was using the 14E mono NF, 4000 on deep, sensitive, extra sensitive (instead of smooth) and high gain. All was very smooth. Got a couple of ghost targets. Dug the holes till no more target in hole; got slight signal in pull pile. Sifted, no target. After everyone left, went down to Quad and switched to the 17"E mono, and detected down there. Got another ghost target w/ slight signal over pull pile, but no target. Instead of putting splits into hole, put them aside. Checked hole and sides, no signal. Dug down another 4", signal came back. Dug an iron rock out at about 16-18". So there's 2 or 3 possible unrecovered targets still out there. Grubby can have one ;)

Now I might of been in DD earlier. I widened the hole for enough side movement (I thought?). That last target, I made sure I was in mono, had room for a bit of side motion, but more inportant, I believe, forward and back motion. I knew this, but it slipped my feeble mind. Most all of you probably know this, just a reminder-


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