Nice little one from under a hot rock

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Yo all...Finally was able to get out and about today after a week on my back with a messed up vertebrae...Weather was perfect at LSD but I was kinda shakey and weak from the down time and left over pain in back and legs...So I decided to take it easy and work a very accessible wash where I've found lots of little nuggets over the years, but not many lately...Anyhow, I got my little NF 9x5 mono over a pesky hot rock that didn't sound like the regular old gray hot rock sound...Kicked it aside and the sound of the hot rock changed and there was still a much stronger definite signal where the hot rock had been...Dug down about 5 - 6" and the target was out of the hole....Got it in my scoop and there it was...Weighs 1.2 grams after several baths in the sonic cleaner got the caliche all off...A nice welcome back after a week off...Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah

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Thanks guys....This back thing is really a bummer...Went to the bone cracker a couple of times and he can't do much...But charges for it anyhow...Oh well, this downtime has let me work on cleaning up my website...Added new pages, including a nugget page...Click below and check it out....Cheers, Yer Gimpy Unc in the Dubyah

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