Not Gold related, BUT TRUE AND FUNNY

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Several years back, a freiend of mine, that was in Partners with my uncle, they owned a Roofing company. Anyway they were doing a hot tar rooof, Jim got some hot tar on his for arm and got burned really bad, he went to the DR. for a long time, it life his forearm really scarred. The DR. told him they could fix it, by doing a skin graft. Jim Said ok but wheres the big patch of skin coming from? The DR. said well you Butt is the only place that we could take a hunk of skin that big from. Jim being the crazy he is, though about it for a minute. He said Hell no! if you did that, I'd smell my butt everytime I wiped my nose! Thats all true, Jim did have the skin Graft. All is well. Grubstake :P:P:lol::lol::lol:

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My dad had a small bit of skin cancer on his nose that had to be removed and the doctor wanted to use some skin from my dad's butt to patch the spot. My dad said that he didn't have any problem with that, but he informed the doctor that he had never been circumcised and they could kill two birds with one stone.


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