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Yo All...Dodacious kicked me out of the house this afternoon to go get some exercise at LSD and stretch out my wounded butt...I offloaded my 3-wheeler and putted around real slow looking for that special combination of rhomboid crystals and pyrite that can often mean gold at LSD...Naturally I ended back up at my recently found new patch and hooked up my ol' trusty NuggetFinder 14" Mono on my antique sd2100...I gimped out on the flats of this new patch and got zero targets, other than the pesty gray hot rocks that go "Woooeeee"... But after a half hour or so, I got a good "Woeeeeeeoooo", pretty loud and it sounded about like one of the old typical oxidized .22 bullets that dominate this area...I dug down with my Hermit pick and the target just kept being in the hole...Finally, after about 7" the target was out...I still can't kneel down or bend over because of the back thing, but I finally kicked the target on to the blade part of my Hermit pick and pulled it up, tippled it into my nugget scoop and started halfing the dirt...I was amazed to find this beautiful 3.3 dwt (5.0 gram) nugget in my hand...All I expected to find in this area was flat little flakes that had escaped some ancient drywasher...But this puppy was a free range, never been captured nugget...I'm beginning to suspect there's a lot more to this patch than I originally thought...Anyhow, I'm a happy, but still crippled up guy...Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah

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Yo All...Bugler, this patch is a real surprise to me...Seems to be the least likely looking nugget ground, except for the rhomboid crystals & pyrite, but the more I spend time on it the more I see that nature has a powerful way of smoothing over man's tracks...Don't want to ruffle feathers, but fill in your hole is a joke in Mom Nature's program...I think that this area, which looks like a plain flat with a few very old tailings around its edges, was completely overturned and worked, maybe4 a couple of times, yet there's no visible clue.....I've dug a couple old aluminum and ferrous targets down 20"....

Fred, that coil is, I think, from the very first NF shipment onto US ground....I got it from Bill Southern about 3 years ago +/-.......It is far and away the most productive coil I use...Even better than the 14" Coiltek I also use....The Coiltek has a bit better depth but the NF is more manuverable..In my opinion, if you don't use the NF 14E Mono you're missing gold...But I've also found deeper gold with the CT 14Mono that the NF overlooked...Gotta have'm both, bottom line.....

Bob...There's simply no junk left, only nuggets, so once I get them all I'll give you a pointy finger so you can come in and make a crippled person feel really really bad about all the nuggets he missed... :lol::lol:

Cuz, I'll take dinks or any gold any time...It does seem weird to me that for the past 6 mos. most of my nuggets have been between 3 to 3.5 dwt...Mostly in old worked ground, too...

Jim & Acronn...It did take the pain away for a couple hours...Rubbed it on my butt to shine it up and got all healed for a bit :lol:

Stan, I'm thinking of having a bunch of my nuggets made into jewelry...El Dorado Steve gave me a pretty good quote for quantity work...

So, all, here's a studio portrait of this little beauty...

Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah

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  • Admin

Hello Uncle Ron,

Congrats on your new patch nugget additions. Sounds like you're really cleaning that area out. I would have to agree, both the Coiltek 14-inch Round Mono and the NF 14-inch Elliptical are great coils. I've owned both, and still continue to kick butt with the Coiltek 14-inch round. I think the two best coils in my opinion on the GPX-4000 are the Coiltek Joey Mono for small gold and the Coiltek 14-inch Mono for larger stuff at depth.

Like anyone, you must find what combination of metal detector and coil(s) work best for you. Obviously you're doing well with the SD2100 and NF 14E. ;)

Take care,

Rob Allison

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