Going to Duesenberg area this weekend 5/19

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Hey all!

Life has been busy with everything-but-prospecting, so I have only been lurking here. Anyway, I FINALLY have the chance to spend a weekend in the Randsberg area, woohoo! I'm going to spend some more time poking around the PCSC claims, and I hope to meet some of the prospectors from here. B)

I know I'll stop in and see "John" at Duesenberg... who else will be there? How has the weather and conditions been out there? Any lucky strikes on the rumor mills? Last time I was there, the talk was a 36-oz pocket someone found! :)

I'll be in a white Suburban with a brown/tan camper and a red and blue Quad; feel free to come say hello. My nephews are going, so this is going to be like 20% prospecting, 40% campout, and 40% quad riding. (Yes, I know to keep the dusty/noisy quads from being a nusiance.)

Hopefully I will have a drywasher by the next time I go. I feel so out of place with my Big-5-Special detector and pan.

Hope to see you out there!



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John Garmany is a relivtive of mine, he may be gone, He had a really bad heart attck, a few weeks ago, His family is going to move him and all his stuff to Oklahoma, soon. He not doing good at all. So I'm sure he may be selling off some of his mining gear. If he hasn't left before then. Grubstake

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I'm really sorry to hear that about John. I met him briefly the two times I was there before, and planned to try to chat with him awhile this time. I kinda considered him the "mayor" of Duesenberg.

Best wishes to John and his family... thanks for the news Grubstake.


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Yeh I just got the news my self a couple of days ago. His brother was married to my aunt, for 40 years, before he passed away last year. I just talked to his brother in Oklahoma, and they are going to move him there so they can take care of him, he also has a bunch of kids, that are grown that live there also. I heard it was a real bad heart attack, and we almost lost him. Grubstake

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Howdy Grubstake... I have been busy and haven't sent you a PM for awhile...

Needless to say I miss your great answers... someday I will "Gotcha."

Sorry about John... I was out in the area just yesterday (Tuesday). But not

to the Duesenberg. It was about 90 degrees on the Rand slope and the usual

wind came up in the afternoon. Actually it was an enjoyable day to do some

"Beeping" for that ever-elusive yellow metal.

The group I was with went to the General Store... Coffee for me. New

owner... Pam Marshall... a real nice lady who is running the store like in

the past. One of the counter girls, Karen, makes a real nice Banana Split.

It was all two of our party could share. Again coffee for me... I run on coffee,

pun intended (Gotcha Gary?)

Wow... is it ever dry... worst I remember. Nothing green... the creosote

looking most droopy and sad... seen no critters scurring about.

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Hi! Jim, I'm glad your still getting out some, I have a very busy week next week, 6 days of straight hunting, {no pun} on the Straight part. But I hope it will produce some nice gold for friends that are coming. Jerry{Pondmn} said you did ok at the hunt a few weeks ago, West coasters? Anyway good to see your still looking for the good stuff. Grubstake

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goldmember there is agreat area for quad riding just north of duisenburg! there is a little valley and it fills up with toy haulers. if you take 395 north past the duisenburg turn off and continue up the hill about a half mile or so then turn right and go outa mile or so and you'll see it. you wont have to worry about the problems of riding in the other ares. there will be a big outing at osdick rd this (memorial) weekend come by and say hi if your out there. i'll be in a white and blue minnie winnie, or near it throwing dirt! (haha)

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