Todays hunt with Shep and Pondmn

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Well this morning at 7 am Jerry and Shep showed up at my house, for a days hunt, We took off to the patch, and after some PR work, weedeating the parking are, we headed up the hill, I must say, I hunted hard, but did not find anything but the skunk, shep also, Jerry scored a nice 1.2 DWT nugget. On a liter note, I've had a bear in my back yard for the past three nights, he has been giving me and my next door neighbor problems, got in my neighbors garage and tore the hell out of stuff, got in my gabage cans and last night we had him up in a tre. We called the Fish and Game, they said call a trapper, The trapper said he had to get an ok from fish and game, he called back and said if the bear trys to get in the house call 911. I said you won't have too, call a taxidermist. Grubstake

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Hey Grub,

Don't let that bear catch you with your pants down. :lol:

Nice score for Jerry, keep them coming.

With the price of gas you can't hardly afford to go very far to nuggetshoot. It's up another 6 cents here. That's just from yesterday.

I stopped at the station today and asked the clerk for five dollars worth of gas, he farted and gave me a receipt. :lol::rolleyes:

Bob T.

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Hey Grubstake,

A friend of mine who had a cabin in the mountains, had some trouble with a bear getting more and more brave about raiding trash cans, and generally taking possession of the guys property.

One night, the guy heard the bear banging around under his porch, so he put a big pot of water on the stove, got it real hot, somehow got the bear to stick his head out from beneath the porch, then dumped the boiling hot water on the bear. Kind of a nasty method, but the bear ran off, and never came back.

Bear jerky is not that bad, either..kinda greasy...bearly edible.. :unsure:


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Yeh the game warden said fill up some ballons with it, spread peanut butter on them, and set them out side, as soon as he bits one of them ballons, he'll leave. I would anyway. Don't want to be where I'm not wanted. Grubstake

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