Might as well tell you.

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I got a 6 day hunt coming up, 4 with Rob and dennis and then two with my uncle on Memorial day weekend. We are going to hit a couple of patches, on private property, I hope to make Robs over due vacation good for him. It will be if he doesn't get pioson oak. Ya'll have fun we are for sure. Grubstake

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I hope they have as good a time as I'm going to have, and I hope they get over a big one to boot. Should be leaving at 5 am and here around 7 pm or so. Kickin around town Monday and hunting hard Tuesday thru Friday with them. One of the places should get them a good nugget or two. Grubstake

Good oold Shep left him a bottle of the good stuff, to wash up in, so maybe it won't be a problem. Funny Shep gets all bent out of shape, because I just wade right though the stuff, Don't bother me that I don't get it. Grubstake

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Sounds like some good huntin' coming up...'Bout that poison oak, a trick I used successfully many times up in the Klamath area was to wash the exposed area with gasoline as soon as I knew I'd touched it...Always worked for me and I never came down with a rash even once in near 25 years of prospecting through the stuff...Doesn't take much gas to do it so you can pack a small like 12 oz. bottle...Hope it helps and good luck you guys...Bring back some biggun's Rob & Dennis....Cheers, Unc

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