Dinkster Roundin' Out the Jo No Sho Patch Today

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Yo All...Had to work real hard today to find a couple of bullets, a tack and this cute little 0.3 gram nugget from the patch the snake led me into a week or so ago..This patch has been lots of fun ...Today I tried the Coiltek 14" Mono for a while for zip...Stuck the NF 14 E back on and squeaked out this cute little guy... It might be good for dry washing and maybe even another detectable nugget, I've hit it awful hard... Dodacious and the back cracker have double teamed me and today was the first day without pain for nearly six weeks... Now I can hit seriouso like ...Cheers, Yer On the Road to Recovery Unc in the Dubya

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Thanks, Bob...I really enjoy sharing finds when I find them...This Joe No Shoulders patch has been lots of fun,but I think it's done as far as metal detecting is concerned...I hit it today hard with few targets of any kind...

Meanwhile, first thing this morning, Dodacious went out to take a pic of her new rose bushes in our back yard here in Wickenburg, and a rattler was hiding just behind the roses and struck at her, missing, thank God, by a good distance,,, :o The big AZ can be a challenging...and rewarding...place to live...Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubya

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Unk, good going on your recent finds. Maybe that rattler was trying to tell you to look closer to home, (like in your back yard). :D Any way good luck and keep finding them. As for your back pain the best thing I can tell you is keep moving. My back has been hurting awhile now and that's what I have to do. I believe in what I call the rusty hinge syndrome, if you stop moving you will seize up.


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