Northern Nevada on Memorial Day Weekend

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I got back last night, well, early this morning, from a trip to Northern Nevada. Luckily, I managed to snag a couple stray nuggets. The larger one is 1.12 grams and the smaller 0.51 grams. One photo shows the pair wet and the other dry. The smaller nugget was maybe about four inches deep and the larger around six or so.

If you’ve been to Rye Patch you’ll recognize the scene below from the familiar base camp that everyone

goes to in that area. Majuba Mountain is in the distance on the horizon at sunset. There were probably

about twenty-five or so people out there shooting for gold this past weekend. I saw one guy even find an

obsidian arrowhead. Near camp there was an area where a youngster had collected some quartz crystals.

He showed me the spot and I dug out some dirt for us to sift through. These are some of the better crystals

from that area as well as some found on the surface while detecting.






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rexb... Good for you... The broad area has been well beeped over the past

15 or so years. But it will never be worked out as there is gold to be found

in the strangest "how did it get there?" places.

Question for anyone: It is early, but does anyone have any information regarding

the possibility of the Mormon Crickets hatching out from the eggs laid in the last year

or so? It depends upon the early Spring weather.

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dutch john,

I saw a couple crickets out there but no more than that. I thought one was a small lizard until it jumped, I knew it couldn't be a toad but it didn't look like a grasshopper at a distance for some reason. They'll probably explode in the coming months I imagine.

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Thanks for the comeback regarding the possible crickets. I'm most interested

in them. They are not a problem unless the Spring weather is such that they

can hatch. Over the years I have detected within an infestation so thick the

ground just seemed to jump. It was necessary to drive slow on the gravel

roads as well as the asphalt. The "road kill" attracted the others and and started

a feeding frenzy. Cannibals they be...

dutch john

(Dutch John... a lonely mountain between Ely and Pioche. It was the

site of a heliograph station back about Civil War time. Anyone having a copy

of Vol 3, 7th edition, pg 122 and 280.)

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