Antique SD2100 Challenges MineLab 4K

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Yo All...Grubbie's right...The forums are bogging down...So I set up a challenge over on Bill's Nuggetshooter forum...Check it out...Cheers, Yer Unc in the Dubyah

Hey Ron your a trouble maker LOL some of these guys with the latest and greatest may get a fright! not only that you might upset the dealers, that can`t be a bad thing.



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Hey Ron,

It's dead. Way to go, jump up and down, yell, signify, anything to get some action.

Stir the puddin a bit more so we can sit back and enjoy the entertainment :unsure::P

Spect maybe I should take my old gold bug II and go over there and show you all up by gathering up what everyone left behind. :lol::lol::rolleyes:

Bob T.

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Hey All, I talked with Rob on the phone a little while ago and he told me he is going to post some more pictures of his and Dennis's latest finds, just as soon as he catches up on everything at home. If I could just get him to tell me were he found it?? :lol: Take care all, AznuggetBob B)

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  • Admin

Hello Uncle Ron and All,

Seen the results over on Bill's forum. Looks like Mike C. found three small nuggets from Uncle Ron's hammered patch. Pretty much the results I expected, more smaller nuggets at depth. Be interesting to see if Montana or Jim P. can score any nuggets from the patch. I think they are both top notch nugget hunters and should find another nugget or two. It's very hard to get every single nugget out of a patch unless you dig the entire patch up. :D

AZNuggetBob - Good talking with you, be careful of the PM'ers that are prying on you! LOL ... We need to hit some of those places we keep talking about. I'm sure we both can get something for those areas. There are some areas over here near me that I need you the check out. I know there are hidden patches, just can't seem to figure out where the gold is coming from.

Take care,

Rob Allison

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