In search of Gold!

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Time has come and passed, that we have found places with nugget just laying on the ground, I have hunted several patche's and been real lucky, I have found gold and more importantly good friends, maybe more valuble than the gold its self. Its getting hot up here, but Jerry{pondmn} and I are going to an older patch tomarrow, and maybe Sat. If Sheps up to it the hill patch one morte time, before we can't ride the quads up. There are plenty of places to detect up here some require walking in a mile or two and other we can just drive our trucks in. I never give up looking, I don't think you can ever beat a patch for all it has. Reasearch is what I will be doing on some new areas in the lower country around my house, I'm never afraid to ask to detect on property, you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose, because you can't lose what you never had. I wish I had unlimited finaces, I'd go to Rye Patch, where the cooler weather is at this time, or up north to the hydralic works. But I don't so I will have to stay where its hot and the big gold is. And where my friends and I can get out and feel safe because I know they watch over me. There the real GOLD ANYWAY. Hope you all have a great summer and find lots. We will just be plugging along here in big nugget country. Grubstake

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You know the old story Gary, "the grass is always greener", but there's lots of folks who would love to get into your patches. Besides, you certainly wouldn't want to be at Rye Patch right now. You'd be freezing your butt.

You've got some great friends. How is your wife doing?

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