If not finding gold maybe a joke will help!

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Larry Lobster and Sam Clam were taking their morning stroll across the ocean bottom like they do as best friends every morning , when all of a sudden a Great White Shark sneaks up and eats them both.

Larry Lobster awoke at the Pearly Gates and is greeted bt Saint Peter. Larry asked where Sam Clam is and what happened. Saint Peter explained how they were eaten by a shark and they went to their respective places in the afterlife. Larry was deeply saddened because he and Sam Clam were best friends since birth and he had not gotten the chance to say goodbye to his best friend. Larry asked where Sam Clam went and if it would be possible to see his best friend just one more time so he could say goodbye.

Saint Peter gave Larry Lobster his wish and gave Larry a special harp for protection and told him to be back before 24 hours was up and to ensure to have his harp with him or else.

So off went Larry feeling better knowing he could see his best friend just one more time before being parted for eternity and then he started to ponder what horrible fate that Sam Clam was suffering for his sins.

Larry got to Hades and asked the guard to hell where he might find his best friend and why he had come. The guard replied without any thinking that Larry needed to go down to Main Street and hang a left and he could not miss where his friend was. Larry followed the directions and as he turned the corner he saw a huge nightclub named, "Sam Clam's Disco". Larry went into the establishment and asked for Sam Clam.

Sam Clam could not believe his shell that his best friend in the whole world would risk being in heaven to come say goodbye to him. Sam and larry sat and talked for hours and ate great food and drank till all hours of the night while girl eel dancers strutted their stuff around the nightclub. It all of a sudden occurred to Larry Lobster that he need to be back at the gates of heaven in 15 minutes of he would be sent to live in hell with his best friend Sam.

Larry Lobster says to his best friend how sorry he is for not being able to stay because he needs to be back in 15 minutes and off he ran to save his soul.

Larry Lobster got back to the gate with 2 minutes to spare and Saint Peter asked how the visit went. Larry responded that he was very grateful to have seen his best friend one last time and now he was ready to spend the rest of eternity in heaven.

Saint Peter was satified tyhat Larry Lobster was now ready for his angel duties in heavan and asked Larry for his harp.

Larry Lobster replied, " OH My God! I left my harp in Sam Clam's Disco!".

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