Broke Back Mining - Day Two

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After getting Dr. Killstick (Dennis White) off to a smokin' start on metal detecting on Saturday,he decided he was hooked and going to find another specimen today. Unfortunately it was a black & white type that smelled like skunkrock. The day started early and ended early due to the higher temps reaching into the high 90s. The good news was that I brought my trusty Honda 250SX for transportation down to the creek with all the gear and most importantly for the ride out and back to the truck. Lots of square nails and lead bullets today as well as a small chunk of steel plate down about 20 inches that I dug for over an hour because the Coiltek Platypus gave me a nice subtle hint that something was there.

It is 97+ degrees outside and I am drinking ice water with the a/c on and typing this story.

Thanks for the great day Dennis! Too bad we couldn't stumble onto another chunk of gold.


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  • Admin

Hello Capt,

Thanks for sharing the story and congrats to Dennis on the nugget/specimen find. :D

The Coiltek Waterproof Platypus is one sleeper of a coil! Great for sniping Creek & Rivers, working around Beaches or even checking your dredging holes on bedrock. Done this here in Arizona and found several small nuggets missed. :o

Hope you guys find some more.

Good luck,

Rob Allison

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  • 2 weeks later...

Chris lets go back this weekend.....there has to be more where this came from.......I need to hunt..

Looks like I am going to miss the dredge season altogether this year hence I will have to make more "beeper" trips.....

97 grains.....2nd piece of the day on my 1st hunt ever...a few weeks back


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