Off to La Porte

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I will be heading out for a day up at my buddies' claim for the inauguration of my new detector. I will be taking the platypus along as well as the 14 inch mono Coiltek and the stock 11 inch DD. I will have plenty to work with so it should be a digfest at Brokeback Mining #2 site. This is a rich hydraulic site and should yield some Au tomorrow. The creek produces on a daily basis with a dredge.

I will be out with my hunting partner, Dr. Killstick (AKA Dennis White).

I won't brag till I get home. Wish us luck!

Chris Knepp

We call it Brokeback Mining bacause all three of us have had back surgery and have suffered broken backs, not because we are a bunch of Rump Rangers (not that there is anything wrong with that). What happens on the mountain, stays on the mountain.

You must watch the whole video to understand. You will roll on the floor!

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